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Operational plan

WP&UP is a team of highly skilled individuals that operate as a distributed team. Each individual has firsthand experience of running, operating and growing WordPress focused businesses. The Trustees and Advisors contain a diverse and highly skilled mix of volunteers, ready and willing to support the focused team of staff.

Staff are provided with appropriate hardware and software to undertake their responsibilities within WP&UP without hindrance. An allowance of £4,000 is allocated per employee hire for the purchase of necessary office equipment.

Strategic partnerships with service providers to bring professional skills, such as counseling, to the WordPress community through the WP&UP brand and awareness programmes is undertaken by the advisory and staff teams.

Awareness of WP&UP and the promotion of positive mental health within the community is considered a team wide responsibility. Talks are given at WordPress focused events throughout the UK and EU. In-person events organised and run by the WP&UP team offer opportunities to reduce the potential for isolation from within the community and increase understanding of WP&UP’s core mission.

WP&UP runs a mentorship and support programme for lead organisers of large scale WordCamps. Financial support for solo businesses owners that choose to lead these events will be offered to ensure diversity within the organisational teams.

With the increase of businesses choosing the distributed model for teams, WP&UP will develop, in conjunction with professional service providers, a counselling service designed to support member of the community. Access to this service will be provided via phone support for companies that subscribe to the paid for WP&UP Support Service.

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