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With WP&UP being a visionary in this specific sector, current data to measure success against doesn’t exist.

Year one WP&UP will feature at events, in-person and digitally, for 35,000+ people. WP&UP will run and support in-person WordPress focused events that will see a footfall of 2,000+ people. Talks given by WP&UP associates will reach 3,000+ people. Digital events and marketing messages about positive mental health within the WordPress community is expected to reach a further 30,000+ people.

Through the development and execution of the WP&UP’s Health Hubs more than 15,000+ people will receive direct support for mental health issues, business training, code development and physical activity education within year one of WP&UP.

WP&UP will develop an open annual report, intended to provide openness and transparency for the wider community. The report will cover the impact achieved, costs associated and time allocated by WP&UP.

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