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9. Charity trustees

  1. Functions and duties of charity trustees:
    The charity trustees shall manage the affairs of the CIO and may for that purpose exercise all the powers of the CIO. It is the duty of each charity trustee:

    1. to exercise his or her powers and to perform his or her functions in his or her capacity as a trustee of the CIO in the way he or she decides in good faith would be most likely to further the purposes of the CIO; and
    2. to exercise, in the performance of those functions, such care and skill as is reasonable in the circumstances having regard in particular to:
      1. any special knowledge or experience that he or she has or holds himself or herself out as having; and,
      2. if he or she acts as a charity trustee of the CIO in the course of a business or profession, to any special knowledge or experience that it is reasonable to expect of a person acting in the course of that kind of business or profession.
  2. Eligibility for trusteeship
    1. Every charity trustee must be a natural person.
    2. No individual may be appointed as a charity trustee of the CIO:
      1. if he or she is under the age of 16 years; or
      2. if he or she would automatically cease to hold office under the provisions of clause [12(1)(e)].
    3. No one is entitled to act as a charity trustee whether on appointment or on any re-appointment until he or she has expressly acknowledged, in whatever way the charity trustees decide, his or her acceptance of the office of charity trustee.
    4. At least one of the trustees of the CIO must be 18 years of age or over. If there is no trustee aged at least 18 years, the remaining trustees may only act to call a meeting of the charity trustees, or appoint a new charity trustee.
  3. Number of charity trustees
    1. There must be at least three charity trustees. If the number falls below this minimum, the remaining trustee or trustees may act only to call a meeting of the charity trustees, or appoint a new charity trustee.
    2. The maximum number of charity trustees is twelve. The charity trustees may not appoint any charity trustee if as a result the number of charity trustees would exceed the maximum.
  4. First charity trustees
    The first charity trustees are as follows, and are appointed for the following terms –

Peter Foy for 4 years
Dan Maby for 3 years
Giles Hales-Tooke for 2 years

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