22. Use of electronic communications

  1. General
    The CIO will comply with the requirements of the Communications Provisions in the General Regulations and in particular:

    1. the requirement to provide within 21 days to any member on request a hard copy of any document or information sent to the member otherwise than in hard copy form;
    2. any requirements to provide information to the Commission in a particular form or manner.
  2. To the CIO
    Any member or charity trustee of the CIO may communicate electronically with the CIO to an address specified by the CIO for the purpose, so long as the communication is authenticated in a manner which is satisfactory to the CIO.
  3. By the CIO
    1. Any member or charity trustee of the CIO, by providing the CIO with his or her email address or similar, is taken to have agreed to receive communications from the CIO in electronic form at that address, unless the member has indicated to the CIO his or her unwillingness to receive such communications in that form.
    2. The charity trustees may, subject to compliance with any legal requirements, by means of publication on its website:
      1. provide the members with the notice referred to in clause 19(2) (Notice of general meetings);
      2. give charity trustees notice of their meetings in accordance with clause 15(1) (Calling meetings); and
      3. submit any proposal to the members or charity trustees for decision by written resolution or postal vote in accordance with the CIO’s powers under clause 18 (Members’ decisions), 18(4) (Decisions taken by resolution in writing), or the provisions for postal voting] (if you have included this optional provision, please insert the correct clause number here).
    3. The charity trustees must –
      1. take reasonable steps to ensure that members and charity trustees are promptly notified of the publication of any such notice or proposal; and
      2. send any such notice or proposal in hard copy form to any member or charity trustee who has not consented to receive communications in electronic form.
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