6. WP&UP Digital

WP&UP aims to provide a number of opportunities for young people and adults to login to the website and interact with other users online. We have policies in place to ensure that any data we capture on our users is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR.

WP&UP Digital engages with audiences on a range of third party social media platforms to encourage engagement and participation around positive mental health. We are committed to a range of guidelines to protect participants and foster positive digital communities. We provide guidance and training to all staff and volunteers we invite to engage with young people online. We will moderate responses across all social media channels as far as the platforms’ built-in tools allow

With regard to young people, WP&UP will have additional measures in place to ensure their safety online. This includes making sure that young people are unable to disclose their real identity or location online, that they are unable to give out any details (such as email address) to other users.

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