3. Reporting Structure

Any staff that come into contact with a young person or vulnerable adult, and believe that they have cause for concern that the young person or vulnerable adult may be the subject of abuse or neglect, should report this immediately to their Line Manager and/or one of WP&UP’s Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs).

A list of current DSOs is attached at Appendix B.

Line Managers who receive a report of a potential safeguarding issue should report this to a DSO. DSO’s will be responsible for liaising with the DSR and ensuring that appropriate action is taken including reporting the incident to the relevant Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) and/or the Police if appropriate.

When receiving an allegation from a young person or vulnerable adult, the following guidelines should be adhered to in order to ensure their future protection:

  1. Listen to the victim
  2. Never stop a young person who is freely recalling significant events, but don’t push the young person to tell you more than he/she wishes.
  3. Tell the victim you are taking what they are expressing or saying seriously.
  4. Reassure the victim that they are right to talk to someone.
  5. Do not attempt to interview the victim, although it may be necessary to clarify with them what they are saying.
  6. Do not promise confidentiality to the victim. Tell the victim you will need to talk to someone who can help.
  7. Write an account of the conversation immediately using the Safeguarding Incident Report Form (see Appendix C) and send this to your local DSO.
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